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We media platform stems from the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Arab countries and the world.
Site 60-minute national news Line is committed to enjoying the autonomy proposal and committed politely dialogue away from the excitement spreading rumors.
Site 60-minute news revealing corruption and fighting the corrupt armed with the words "edged" that infect and injure
Site 60-minute news Catching embers of freedom and enlightenment, in the face of darkness and advocates calling for coexistence away from Glua religious and ethnic extremism
Site 60 minutes the news spread of culture and thought, away from the built visions or orientations hostile stream of patriotism
Site 60-minute news stands behind the faces of young and ambitious national burrow to develop independent press is not subject to the influence of money or power, benefiting the latest world of media and communication technologies
Site 60-minute news motto civilized people do not even debating and fighting is biased to uphold the Arab belonging.

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    The announcement does not harm any religion. * The site is not marred by any State or any policy in the world. * The right location to refuse or stop any declaration without giving reasons, and without incurring any compensation on the site of the declared result, only re-value the time period canceled. * Declared bears full responsibility for the content of the ad or the product or service being advertised. * You can communicate on this email: adv@60minutese-eg.com
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