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    Advertise with The Wolf The relationship listeners have with their favorite radio station depends on a variety of attributes such as music, personalities, news, sports, community events or weather and traffic information. In its ability to reach 93% of the U.S. population every week, radio’s reach is unmatched by any other single media entity. The one-to-one power of radio should be part of any multi-media campaign. South Central Media proudly owns and operates The Wolf. As part of our marketing services, we’ll help you craft an integrated marketing campaign that can foster market-wide brand awareness and entice consumers to take action by making a phone call, visiting your website or your business location. In addition to our expertise in traditional media, our marketing professionals can assist you in the development of an effective digital marketing plan. We will take the time to understand your business and marketing objectives, and identify your best prospects. Our team of marketing professionals is driven to create ideas for your business that delivers results. Services include: 
Radio advertising • Online advertising • Custom promotions • Event marketing • Email marketing • Mobile marketing • Search marketing • Website development • Social media Mailing Address
 93.5 The Wolf
 P.O. Box 3848 
 Evansville, IN 47736 (812) 424-8284 If you are interested in advertising with 93.5 The Wolf, please contact our General Sales Manager, Paul Brayfield, by phone at 812-433-3241 or by email at, or by filling out the form below. This station does not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will accept no advertising which is placed with intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. Advertiser hereby certifies that it is not buying broadcasting air time under this advertising sales contract for a discriminatory purpose, including but not limited to decisions not to place advertising on particular stations on the basis of race, national origin, or ancestry
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