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A Little Bit Of Stone
Publisher: A Little Bit of Stone | News, views, pics & more from this great Staffordshire town
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A Little Bit of Stone is a hyperlocal website for the Staffordshire town of Stone. We cover local news and are key supporters of the many festivals and groups that take place in the town.

We are staffed by a keen team of volunteers who cover as many events as we possibly can!

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    Publisher: A Little Bit of Stone | News, views, pics & more from this great Staffordshire town
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    Advertise with us Thank you for considering advertising with A Little Bit of Stone Since 2010, A Little Bit of Stone has been providing timely, accurate and balanced reporting of our wonderful town. We work with many forward-thinking local companies who are looking for a better way to reach potential customers, build brand awareness or simply find a deeper connection with the local community. We provide access to a highly targeted and in many cases hard to reach audience who choose to use their computers, tablets and smart phones to access the latest information. During September 2013, over 10,000 people visited A Little Bit of Stone. We now have over 7,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. And we’re growing all the time We offer a wide range of advertising solutions including display advertising, promotional features and sponsorship opportunities. We also have a business directory with (at last count) over 170 Stone businesses. Whatever your business, we have the audience, experience and technology to provide you with an effective digital marketing package tailored to your requirements.
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