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    I am a former actor/director whose latest (and greatest!) role is mom to Little Ricky. Originally from Texas (yee haw, y’all!), Ricky (the husband, not to be confused with LITTLE Ricky, the son) and I were married in 2001 and have taken turns following each other’s careers from TX to NC to TN to Chicago. We moved to Chicago in July of 2008 and just a few months later we found out we were having a baby (after 5 years of trying and lots of testing that told us it was impossible.) (Ha! Take THAT medical profession!) Little Ricky was born in June 2009 and our lives were effectively, and positively, changed forever. So now Ricky works in arts education, I work raising our lovely babe and Little Ricky works at charming us to get his way. (He’s VERY good at it!) When I have some free time and/or the inclination I use this blog to fill folks in on our lives, happenings in Chicago and my feelings on important topics like child rearing, theatre performances, books and the freecreditreport.com commercials. Despite being completely computer illiterate for most of my life, I have really come to enjoy this whole internet thing. So grab yourself a drink (or five, I don’t judge) and let’s solve the world’s problems together. Or just compare notes on the latest Project Runway. Whatever.
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A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy
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