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Publisher: About Cape Verde - Welcome to the Heart of the World
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    Publisher: About Cape Verde - Welcome to the Heart of the World
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    About Come Visit Cape Verde What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Cape Verde islands? Is it the miles upon miles of unspoilt, unpolluted, undiscovered beaches? Is it the eye pleasing emerald blue waters, replete with coral reef, colorful sea creatures and coastal birds? Is it the the isolated island setting, perfect for indulging in the heat and getting away from the hustle and bustle of urban life? Yes, when you visit the Cape Verde Islands, you’ll experience all these things and more. However, the real highlight of a Cape Verdean vacation isn’t the climate, the setting or the abundance of activities. The real pleasure is in the total experience, seeing the sun set as you surf into shore on a warm summer evening, basking in the glory of Boa Vista’s beaches with sunrise, gasping in awe at the dolphins, whales , turtles and sea fish of the Sal archipelago. The Cape Verdean experience is unlike any other. It is the trip of a lifetime, a total immersion in another world, a world filled with sights, sounds and scenery straight out of a sunny southern hot spot. Sailing Into Sal Island In recent years, Sal Island has become the epicenter of the Cape Verdean vacation scene, and for good reason, too. With archeological treasures, coastal wildlife and sea sporting delights, the island is the place to be on the Cape Verde islands. Boasting an extinct volcano crater in the North, Sal Island is the perfect place in which to get in touch with the planet’s geological history. The natural features, flora and fauna of Sal make it the perfect place to take in the natural splendor of an African Island Archipelago. Of course, if you’re not into sight seeing, the Island also boasts warm Atlantic waters, making it the perfect setting for those who love sand, surf and sports. It’s no wonder the island is the home of sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing championships for sports enthusiasts around the world. Music Night Owls Music is an important part of the Cape Verde culture. The islands have a wealth of musical talent like the famous leading female artist Cesaria Evora. Cape Verde also has unique island music festivals and carnivals. For night owls Cape Verde offers a variety of music bars, offering traditional island sounds. At present the islands have a small selection of discos night clubs but this is all about to change. Recently 2011 UK leading DJ Danny Rampling played on Sal island. Being the first leading international DJ to play Cape Verde Rampling has contributed to dance Music culture on the Island of Ibiza and pioneered the UK Dance Scene . Pop star Sophie Ellis Bexter performed in 2011 at the Melia Tortuga Opening Launch party. The islands are a melting pot for music, attracting many musicians jamming after dark in bars clubs and the beaches. Music festivals take place on Sal island yearly in September. The islands are a haven for all music lovers. Fun For the Whole Family If you’re looking for a warm, south Atlantic destination to take your family for a holiday, Cape Verde is the place to be. Made up of 10 exotic isles floating free in the wilds of the Atlantic, the Cape Verde archipelago has something for the whole family. Treat the kids to sightseeing tour of the sun soaked coasts, with its sandy beaches, emerald blue waters and whale watching delights. Take mom shopping in the many stores and shops that dot the isles. Let Dad let loose on the beach at night, surfing and sailing like the pros who come for the windsurfing championships once a year. At night, you can take the whole family out to relax on the chalk-white beaches of the coast or among the tropical greenery in shore. With music, food and sports straight out of the Portuguese, African and Brazilian cultures that shaped it, Cape Verde truly has endless options for adventurous families seeking something out of the ordinary. An Island Paradise If you’re looking for unique vacation this season, come to the Cape Verde islands, the island Archipelago with something for everyone. With an average annual temperature of 26 degrees and some of the wildest waves you’ll ever encounter, is it any surprise the islands are the destination of choice for wind, wave and watersport championships year after year? Come see what all the talk is about. Come somewhere that’s out of the ordinary. Come Visit Cape Verde. - See more at: http://aboutcapeverde.com/about#sthash.lpXIDLsR.dpuf
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