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Access Interviews
Publisher: Celebrity Interviews - Access interviews with the world's biggest stars
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    Publisher: Celebrity Interviews - Access interviews with the world's biggest stars
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    Welcome to Access Interviews. Our aim is to create a unique index from which our users can easily find the vast and endlessly fascinating library of interviews now available online. Exclusive interviews, whether they are with celebrities, politicians, sporting heroes or eminent scientists, have been the bedrock of content for newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations for decades. The trouble these days is that there are so many media outlets that it is impossible to keep track. How often have you missed a great interview with your favourite personality simply because you didn't know about it? Well, that need never happen again. We have joined forces with major print publishers, leading broadcasters and respected journalists to provide direct links to their work. You won't find their actual content here, but instead we provide a finely filtered archive of links, so you no longer need to trawl through all that rubbish on the Web to get to the vital source material. Access Interviews also encourages a collaborative editorial. We want our community of users to choose which interviews are linked to our site. If you have spotted a great interview deeply buried in an obscure archive somewhere, then why not up-load its location and share it with everyone else. Access Interviews was founded by English author and journalist Rob McGibbon, who has been interviewing high profile personalities for 20 years. He is a regular judge in the annual British Press Awards - often in the 'Interviewer of the Year' category. McGibbon knows that the business of interviewing is all about access. Without it, you have nothing. Only the best writers and most trusted publications or broadcasters get quality access, hence it is these top professionals who know the answer to "Who is saying What, Why, When and Where". This website is your access to their work - and their access to YOU.
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