Publisher: Reviews & Ratings of Accident Related Businesses
Desktop Display is a consumer advocacy site targeted specifically to accident related services. It is a place where consumers can go to search peer reviewed auto, home and health related services. It is where you can go to find the help you need and to help others by sharing your opinion.

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    Publisher: Reviews & Ratings of Accident Related Businesses
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    Unfortunately accidents do happen and they can cause you and your family a lot of stress, confusion, anger, frustration and inconvenience. People often do not know where to look to find businesses to help them in their time of need. At we are focused on providing consumers with a platform to share unfiltered RATINGS – REVIEWS and RECOMMENDATIONS of accident related businesses. By sharing service experiences, you can learn which of these businesses to trust in times of need. In particular, this site will pay special attention to the HOME and AUTO Insurance industry and associated businesses (Agents & Brokers| Auto Body Repair | Car Rental | General Contractors | Physical-Therapy | Chiropractors). DID YOU KNOW... once an insurance claim is reported, approximately 15% of consumers In the U.S. and approximately 50% of consumers in Canada choose to accept a business referred to them by their insurance company, while all others choose to utilize businesses of their own preference. Like most consumers, you are expecting all businesses to be more attentive, respectful and accommodating when it comes to customer service. Why should these expectations be any different when it comes to accident related businesses and services? It would seem many consumers are uneasy and unsure when having to deal with products and services related to HOME and AUTO Insurance. This site aims to bridge this divide and help to create greater awareness, education, understanding and trust between consumers and ALL accidents related business.
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