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    Ad Network: The Asian Blog Advertising Network
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    Introduction Need your message to go out and reach the right people? Current methods of advertising getting boring? Advertise on a network where you can target the right demographics – and reap the benefits.We’ve got more than a few good reasons tell you why advertising on blogs through is better: Some Points For Your Consideration We Deliver your Audience Online diaries, better known as blogs, are gaining popularity in the online community. These virtual spaces could very well be your new advertising portal. Unlike traditional media, you are advertising in a personal space—where bloggers and their readers share a connection based on mutual interests and experiences. With Advertlets, you make your advertising message count. Unlike large web portals which attract a large, varied audience – individual blogs usually have an audience that is more focused in terms of gender, age group, idealogy, and location. Here’s how: Knock, Knock, Who’s There? You want to know who you are reaching. Through Advertlets, you get a demographic breakdown of each blog—know what kind of visitors each blog attracts. You view statistics such as gender breakdown, profession, age range, and whether or not visitors are bloggers themselves. Position Yourself Where They Are There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a seemingly relevant ad, only to realise that the product or service is only available in another state or country. Ads mean more when they are relevant to the geographical location of the consumer. Advertlets makes sure your ad budget is spent on the people and places that matter. Know Your Visitors Advertlets allows you to reach a wide audience without the distribution cost associated with printed and outdoor media. Find out which blog brings you the largest and relevant audience by looking at the traffic generated. See how many people have viewed your ad through our impression/ click tracking facilities. The Advertlets Experience Through Advertlets, you get a demographics breakdown of each blog – this way you know what kind of visitors each blog attracts. You can view statistics such as gender breakdown, profession, age range, and also whether or not visitors are bloggers themselves. You can view which country your visitors are coming from (Coming Q3 2007: View by State – eg, Selangor, Pahang, Johor) You know which blog brings you the most traffic You know what your click to impression ratio is You can measure the effectiveness of your campaign through our impression/click tracking facilities We will give you the best recommendation on which blogs are suitable for your message to go on We can put together a custom campaign for your brand – giving you more exposure than just advertising. Have a sponsored post (sort of like advertorials for blogs – subject to consent from individual bloggers), or even run sponsored polls (customize your own questions!) where you can find out what blog visitors think. Run a contest. Reward visitors who click, or recommend their product to a friend You support a system which rewards local micro-content publishers, and benefit from the positive brand association Sponsored Posts (Blogvertorials) Are you a new business? Get great instant exposure by inviting bloggers to review your product, service or event! Sponsored blog posts are a great way to get honest feedback on your service, as well as get word of mouth publicity. Pay bloggers to write an in-depth review, give a free sampling, or better yet – both! Here are some scenarios that are likely to benefit from a buzz in the blogosphere through Advertlets Blogvertorials: You’re a new restaurant, and you’ll like more people to know about your restaurant and try out your food You’re organizing an event/party, and you’ll like to generate some pre-event buzz to encourage people to come You have a new product to sell – And you’ll like to promote it further You provide services, such as design or decoration, and you’ll like people to know
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