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Publisher: Affilipede - Welcome To Affilipede!
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    Publisher: Affilipede - Welcome To Affilipede!
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    We live in the era of experts! The guru’s all tell us what to buy and what to do and then we’re just supposed to go do it. Right? Well what if sales isn’t really that complicated? I’m no guru, but I am a sales expert! I could sell a fisherman that lives in the Arctic Circle a freezer to keep his fish in even if it was blizzarding! Why? Because I know that you never sell the product or service, you sell the benefit! When someone tries to sell you a new cell phone service do you buy it because you like the phone? Probably not. If they tell you that you’ll get better reception and a reduced price with more services though, you probably will! That is benefit. None of that matters if you aren’t persistent, we put this video on Affilipede because the bird in the video is the epitome of persistence! He keeps sending that bread out on the water, making the fish want it and then he gets him.
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