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Afghanistan site, leading Afghan website for Afghans. Afghan Chat, Afghan Music, news, Voice chat, Forum, Discussion boards, Radio, Meet and talk with Afghans, AfghanSite provides it all!
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AfghanSite was originally created by an Afghan student from Toronto. At the beginning, the look of AfghanSite was very simple and basic, but the original and modern ideas behind the site made it very popular. Back in 1999, many web sites were all offering the same thing; there was nothing fresh, new and unique out there. AfghanSite brought those fresh, new ideas forward and within a very short time, all those other sites were using AfghanSite as the basis of their design and content! By this time, students around the world had joined AfghanSite; the original creator encouraged other Afghans ideas in taking part to make AfghanSite for everyone. Within three months AfghanSite had its on stand alone server and was the only site (now a network) to host its own domain. Without the help of the AfghanSite team, none of it would have been possible! Within the fourth month AfghanSite established its own chat server and was still the only stand alone chat server run by an Afghan web site!

Visitors started to realize what AfghanSite was working hard to bring them and it shortly caught the eye of most Afghans out there. By the end of 1999 AfghanSite was the first to offer web sites to Afghans, and was the first to bring MP3 format of Afghan music to its visitors. By early 2000 AfghanSite had changed its look quite a few times since many talented Afghans had joined the AfghanSite team. Other Afghan web sites were not happy how AfghanSite had risen so far, so fast. Jealousy took hold and AfghanSite went down for one month. After being back up for two days all the old visitors had come back to AfghanSite and with more visitors than ever! By now the hate for AfghanSite was apparent but that only made it stronger. By then AfghanSite was being sponsored by an Afghan business and it helped a great deal. By May of 2001 AfghanSite opened a corporation called Communication Vision and it was the main player for all sites run by AfghanSite Network. AfghanSite then changed its look again and began to offer free web pages to its visitors, there was a buy and sell zone, which eventually became the first Afghan auction on the internet.

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    Afghanistan site, leading Afghan website for Afghans. Afghan Chat, Afghan Music, news, Voice chat, Forum, Discussion boards, Radio, Meet and talk with Afghans, AfghanSite provides it all!
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    AfghanSite is the leading Afghan web site and has become a landmark site for Afghans. Contact info: Phone: 416 829 8210 Email: Info@AfghanSite.com Currently, AfghanSite Network has had over 9 million visitors since Jan of 1999. We receive ten thousands of visitors per day with this number continuing to grow as we becomes even more popular. AfghanSite is the premier site for your advertising needs. TARGET AUDIENCE: 65% of AfghanSite's visitors are from the United States, followed by visitors from Canada, Western Europe and Asia. AfghanSite is geared towards the Afghan audience; English is the only language used on AfghanSite. In addition, many non-Afghans visit AfghanSite whom are interested in gathering information on the Afghan culture. STATISTICS: AfghanSite receives over ten thousand visitors per day with this number steadily growing due to AfghanSite's growing popularity. The average banner on AfghanSite has 15 000 exposures (impressions) per day Design of the banner plays an important role in the number of clicks your site will receive. AfghanSite will work with the banner designers to ensure a successful ad campaign. MEETING YOUR OBJECTIVES: AfghanSite represents legitimacy and quality. Many businesses that have chosen to advertise on AfghanSite have seen a tremendous growth in Internet sales, in addition, many have become aware of their business and its' products and services, which is later spread by word of mouth. BANNER PLACEMENT: AfghanSite uses a highly successful banner rotation program. Your banner will be evenly rotated on every AfghanSite page to ensure optimum and maximum exposure. There are over 600 pages on AfghanSite where your banner will be viewed, including the main page, archived news, Chat, Buy and Sell zone, members pages, AfghanSite's extremely popular music archive and other various pages on AfghanSite. AfghanSite is the only Afghan Internet web site of this popularity to use a banner rotation program. AfghanSite's banner rotation program is almost identical to those used by Yahoo and other high-traffic websites. Which Sites are you advertising with, when advertising with AfghanSite Network? AfghanSite.com AfghanPersonals.com AfghanSongs.com AfghanWebs.com AfghanistanChat.com HotOrNotAfghans.com AfghanMTV.com AfghanHewad.com Auction.AfghanSite.com And there are more domains which we don't like to list them here like (FarhadDarya.com, HabibQaderi.com.... and the list goes on) All Prices are per spot, the more spot you have the more you banner will show! BANNER DESIGN Even though we get over 10000 hits a week on our site, but if you do not have the right design of banner, you are wasting your time and your money by advertising with any site. Banner design is the major key to attract visitors to your web site. Let AfghanSite experienced team design your banner, where it will attract visitors for very low cost. We will design your banner from $60.00 -$150.00 depending on details you want on your banner. Please contact us for more information. CONCLUSION In conclusion, AfghanSite is the leading Afghan Internet web site and will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. We have great experience in Internet advertising and will do our best to make sure your ad campaign is a success. We are incredibly flexible and are willing to work with you to make sure you get the most out of your money. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any further questions. A list of referrals is available upon request Phone: 416 829 8210 Email: Info@AfghanSite.com.
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    afghansite.net, AfghanPersonals.com, AfghanSongs.com, AfghanWebs.com, AfghanistanChat.com, HotOrNotAfghans.com, AfghanMTV.com, AfghanHewad.com, Auction.AfghanSite.com
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