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    This site is a creative resource designed to merge inspiration, information and elevation of natural hair, with the fabulous world of art & design, a healthy lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Afroniquely You is dedicated to all things natural hair and what makes you unique, free and absolutely beautiful! Every curl is different! Every curl, coil, and kink is unique. I have found that not too many people really know about our hair type, so my goal is to let them know, our texture is fabulous! and our natural hair is awesome! It is my goal to share everything about proper hair care, tools, products, styles, tips, everything that makes you, your own natural hair care guru! If you are searching for the latest and greatest in hair care for naturals, look no further, this site is for you! Being natural is only one part of what makes us awesome! The clothes we wear, the style we rock, the health we choose to live by, the things we love in our daily lives, it’s all what makes us: Afroniquely You! Enjoy the journey! Umm?? So who’s behind Afroniquely You? Sasha-Shae Shaw is the name, and tongue twisting creativity is the game. I totally kid. It’s lovely to meet ya! I’m the one stop wonder-woman behind it all. I am a Visual Designer by trade, but a frugalista and a connoisseur in the arts of fun, haircare, being 100% silly and just loving life. Providing you with a network of other fabulous naturals, art & design creatives, health gurus, beauty lovers and fashionistas (yes I said nistas, lol). I’d consider myself a connected-evolver…(what’s that?) basically I like connecting others to things worth their while. I am always seeking to learn more and to share knowledge and resources. I share my own hair care journey and personal journey along the way while teaching others how to master their very own journey.A key factor in my life has definitely been my walk with Jesus! He’s more than awesome, and has taken me every step of the way. I share encouragement with the help of my Mr. at My Life with Christ. Please feel free to check it out! Other than that I am a fun loving jovial kinda girl. I enjoy the simple things in life and live each day like it’s my very last. I love meeting new folks, and while I might be shyer than a church mouse, I do enjoy socializing. I can be pretty “funny-crazy” but what’s not to laugh about in this mundane world? Hope you enjoy your time spent here on the blog with me. Looking forward to chatting with you! What I Do: Visual Designer DesignerShaeSmlAbtIn addition to blogging on the topics above, I offer a myriad of design services in Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, Custom Banners, Stationery for weddings and events, Flyers and lots more. I also do Content Creation and Copywriting of blog posts and product write ups. As a Visual Designer, I delight and find absolute pleasure in creating simple but effective solutions that are visually and functionally appealing. Interested in seeing some of my work? Visit my portfolio Fresh Medley Designs and see what else I have to offer.
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