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Publisher: World’s Number One Airport industry magazine
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    Publisher: World’s Number One Airport industry magazine
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    Airports are the backbone of the worldwide commercial air transportation system with approximately 836 international airports recognised by IATA. The rapid growth of this sector creates a continuing need for airports to expand and provide high-quality services. At the same time, technological, regulatory, security and economic trends are placing new and increased demands on airports. A major example of technological developments that are forcing airports to introduce new technologies is the introduction of new super-jumbo aircraft such as the Airbus 380, which can carry up to 850 passengers in some configurations. This has required many airports to upgrade their baggage handling systems and invest in other ground handling infrastructure. Airport security has been a major concern for decades due to the vulnerability of commercial aircraft to hijacking. The tragic events of September 11,resulted in a worldwide consolidated effort to develop and deploy technologies to prevent terrorists from gaining access to aircraft. On the economic front, the privatisation of many formerly government-run airports around the world has created a growing class of airport operators with the financial means and the incentives to invest in modernising their facilities and infrastructure. This modernisation of facilities and systems can help these private airport operators improve their bottom line by cutting costs and increasing traffic and revenues. As airlines face continued financial challenges, they increasingly look to airport owners and their consultants to help maximise the use of existing gates and related terminal facilities, streamline the check-in process, facilitate passenger movement from airport curb to boarding gate and create an overall rewarding travel experience for passengers.
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