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    If you are interested in advertising on our site, please contact us via the feedback , e desmoond12@yandex.ru or through ICQ: 564-283-692. Site statistics can be viewed here . About All-infoWoW.ru - this Russian World of Information Warcraft portal. On our website provided a wealth of information for gamers. Site Stats daily site comes about 6200-7000 visitors. All-infoWoW.ru are located in Dmoz , Rabmler Top 100 . Advertising space ! I do not advertise that violates the norms of the Russian legislation. In some cases, social advertising is free of charge. I accept only WM (Webmoney). Prepayment - 100%. Banners 1. On all pages (except online). Info: at the end of any material banner will be placed at the bottom. Size: . 468 * 60 Status: Free. Naturally, this is only an example. This banner will be in addons, itd Hyde, as well as at the end of any material. 2. On all pages (except online) in the "Advertising" section. Size: . 160 600 * Status: Free. ! Screenshot reduced in scale. 3. Advertising on all pages of the forum after the top navigation. Size: 728x90. Status: Free. ! UPDATE 4. Advertising after 2 forum, as well as the bottom of the other of forum pages. Size: 728x90 or 728x60. Status: Free. ! Banners can be in the following formats: jpeg, png, gif, flash . Banner is not more than 70 kb. If your banner is designed to flash technology, it should not overload the CPU. ! You can book ads on the day / two / week etc. Stateyny advertising 1. Preview-news of your site. It is sure to be one picture. The number of links is limited - a maximum of 3 links in the review. 2. Sponsor news. At the end of the next news I will place your ad text. The number of characters is limited - a maximum of 60. The maximum number of links - 2. Attachments: 5534623.png (5Kb) · 6197798.png (30Kb) · 3977081.png (85Kb) · 5233221.png (29Kb) · 4006928.png (29Kb)
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