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Publisher: Welcome to AllTravels :: Anywhere You Want To Go & Anything You Want To Do ::.
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AllTravels (www.alltravels.com) aims to list just about anything to do with travel, anywhere in the world. There is also a facebook page related to the site at http://www.facebook.com/alltravels

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    Publisher: Welcome to AllTravels :: Anywhere You Want To Go & Anything You Want To Do ::.
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    Online Advertising Information We are sometimes asked by travel business operators about advertising possibilities on this web site. Following are all of the currently available options for advertising on the AllTravels website. Please note that this is a travel related site and we probably won't accept non travel related advertising. Site Targeted Google Adwords Placements Info You can place both text and image/media ads on this site via site targeting on the Google Advertising Network (Adwords). If you have an Adwords account click here to open the Google Display Ad Planner. [ Targeting criteria : alltravels.com ] Tip "A Display Network placement can refer to several things, such as an entire website, a subset of a website (such as specific pages from that site) or an individual ad unit positioned on a single page." More about site targeted Google Adwords placements. Random Banner Ad Units Info You can also place banner and media ads on this site amongst the content flow in appropriate places. These ads can either appear randomly or on specific pages and sections around the site. Please contact us if you want to place an ad in these positions. Tip Refresh this page to see different ads below, they are served randomly.
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