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Amanda Abella
Publisher: Amanda Abella - Writer, Motivational Speaker, & Career Coach
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    Publisher: Amanda Abella - Writer, Motivational Speaker, & Career Coach
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    Hey, I’m Amanda Abella—creator of the FIRE Coaching process, business coach to millennial entrepreneurs, and the author of the Amazon bestselling book Make Money Your Honey. I believe we are all entitled to vocational freedom – working because we want to, not because we have to; and I believe the internet has opened the doors for an entire generation to do just that. If you want to be wealthy and do work you love, building your own business centered around your thought leadership is a must —but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Instead, I believe that teaching what you’re passionate about, in a way that pays your bills, should be a fiery adventure! Working in a way that feels good will transform your life—leading to happier clients, more revenue, and the ability for you to show up for your personal life. Real talk — business, and especially online business, has gotten a bad rap. We’ve all had a bad sales experience, we’ve all heard the failure statistics, and we’ve all been conditioned to believe that money will make or break us. At one point or another we’ve all felt the uncomfortable competitiveness that seems to be synonymous with business and money. Thankfully, times are changing—and the Internet means we’ve got more options than ever to create work we love. It’s also giving consumers more options and the ability to connect with people. Best of all, people are starting to collaborate instead of compete. As millennials our ability to maneuver the online world with ease puts us way ahead of the game.
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