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A lyrics based social network. We allow you to add artists, revise lyrics, and vote on lyric revisions based on accuracy and presentation.

We only add artists, albums, and songs that are located in the iTunes store. We do this so we can keep our library as legitimate as possible. This also allows us to use iTunes's API to validate said artists, and link back to their respective pages.

We hope that by taking these measures, we can show the artists a certain level of respect. We're not trying to hurt them. We love their music and we want to help people understand the songs intentions, even if they can't hear the songs.

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    As you look through other lyrics websites you'll notice an overabundance of advertisements. They tend to provide a slow and sour user experience. However, websites do need to make money in order to exist. We have increased the amount of advertising that is shown on our website. We're sorry about this. If we could, we really would keep advertising to a minimum. The problem is that we have licensing fees to pay so that we can actually display these lyrics. You could always look at this another way. These licensing fees give back to the artists that write the music. So, since we do have advertising and we are properly licensed, you can be sure that Ambilyrics is legitimate and that by visiting our website you're not just helping us, but also helping the writers of the music you enjoy.
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