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    American Athlete Magazine is an innovative new interactive publication focusing on the American Athlete’s inner life: Mind, Body & Spirit. American Athlete differs from other sports publications by going beyond routine event coverage, analysis and stats; our mission is to present readers with true portraits of what it’s like, and what’s required to compete at the most challenging levels. American Athlete explores elements common across all sports and competitive events: improving strength and endurance, developing positive nutrition and conditioning habits, balancing public and private life, building mental toughness, preparing for go-time, and learning to live with personal performance results… Win, lose or place. American Athlete is dedicated to and written for amateur, college and professional athletes, coaches, trainers, general managers, sports product developers—and anyone who is passionate about sports or curious to learn the story behind the story of the American Athlete. As a reliable resource for sports and fitness information, American Athlete has a variety of products and services: A digital publication; a print book (coffee table style) supplement; an interactive community website; a mobile resource directory, an online store-front with American Athlete promotional items and a variety of ancillary products and services to engage, entertain and inspire American Athlete readers. For more information on American Athlete, contact us at 800.310.8250
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