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Publisher: A mom less ordinary
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    Publisher: A mom less ordinary
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    PR & Media SPONSORSHIPS, REVIEWS & GIVEAWAYS, ADVERTISING: A Mom Less Ordinary is written by and for moms, families, and consumers. My voice reaches beyond this site, however, as I promote my reviews on Twitter, Facebook, and external mom websites (CafeMom, MomsLikeMe, etc.), in addition to traditional word-of-mouth marketing. I love to host giveaways in conjunction with my reviews and believe that is a key effort in drawing attention and traffic to your product, not only online and through social media, but in brick & mortar stores, as well. When working with a sponsor, it is my endeavor to provide the best product promotion possible. Possessing a strong professional background in product promotion and marketing, my effort is to focus on being a little “less ordinary,” thus presenting a product or service in manner that is honest, professional, and visually and mentally compelling. My reviews are honest and abide by current FTC disclosure guidelines, of which you can find its entirety, as it pertains to my site, clearly posted here, and I have signed the “Blog With Integrity” agreement. Upon request, a media kit and site statistics for A Mom Less Ordinary are available, and I am happy to provide sponsors with promotional recaps as needed. Please email me here or fill out the form below if you are interested in submitting your product for review consideration, partnering for sponsorships, or to receive advertising rates for this site. Name(required) Email(required) Website Comment(required)
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