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    I’m Faith Gorsky, the writer, recipe developer, photographer, and food stylist behind An Edible Mosaic. My favorite thing to do is go into the kitchen hungry, open the fridge, and start creating. (And when my hubby, Michael, cooks with me, it’s just icing on the cake.) I was born, raised, and spent most of my life in Upstate New York, but I currently live in Kuwait. I love to travel, especially to places steeped in rich culture and history. One of my favorite cities is Damascus, Syria…it’s scented of jasmine, spices, and apple tobacco, tastes sweet like toot (berry juice) and salty like bizzer (roasted seeds and nuts), and feels like another world. I enjoy reading (cookbooks mostly), vintage shopping (especially in old markets), watching movies (of all genres), and am enamored with ancient cultures (especially Rome and Egypt). My favorite foods are apples, grapes, spinach, and Indian butter chicken, and my vice is Swiss dark chocolate. For more information about me, check out my FAQ page, or feel free to contact me. AN EDIBLE MOSAIC’S MISSION & FOOD PHILOSOPHY At An Edible Mosaic, we believe that food plays a tremendous role in our daily lives. In its basic form, food nourishes us, sustains us, and fuels us; it’s what keeps our minds focused and attentive and our bodies running smoothly. But food is so much more than that. Food is how we celebrate (birthday cake), how we spend time with our families and friends (Sunday suppers), and how we express our culture and traditions (what would Thanksgiving be without turkey or Ramadan be without lentil soup?). An Edible Mosaic is a true celebration of food itself. We truly are what we eat. Keeping that in mind, at An Edible Mosaic we think there’s a time and place for every type of food, but moderation is the best practice. You won’t find diet or fad recipes here, just a focus on real foods that sustain our bodies and minds, bring people together, and make a house a home. Our recipes don’t focus exclusively on any one cuisine or type of food, but instead embrace the foods of many different cultures. So much can be learned about people through what they eat, and how, when, and why they eat it. It’s our goal to inspire you to get into the kitchen and try something new. Welcome to our mosaic of recipes.
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Faith Gorsky
the writer, recipe developer, photographer, and food stylist
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