Publisher: Pop culture, history, and an off-beat take on the mainstream
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We are Anorak an independent creative digital agency.

We can provide a one-stop full cycle solution from concept to design through build and onto marketing.

Our key disciplines include:
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We, at Anorak, employ like-minded people who are both creative and technically minded. All multi-disciplined, all at the forefront of the latest innovations in their fields and all with a desire to push the boundaries.

We’re creative technologists.

"Anorak. Not just cool, Super cool. Not just highly creative but highly commercial. A serious player with a rare mixture of skills.

It’s the first time I’ve worked with a production company that has both highly creative skill sets mixed with strategic and commercial disciplines. Highly recommended.”
Steve Burns — CEO, 3SM

"There are agencies and then there are Agencies – I have had the pleasure of working with the Anorak guys for quite some time now and not only are they super professional but their creative work is of the very highest quality, which I guess is why all the top rock and sports stars use them – so Anorak are most definitely the Agency!"
Michael Breen Chairman

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    Publisher: Pop culture, history, and an off-beat take on the mainstream
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    EVERY day Anorak publishes compelling words and pictures. We cover News, Sport, Fashion, Tech and Nostalgia. Anorak picks the best, worst and weirdest news stories of the week. We read the papers and fact-check the big stories. In Flashback, we look back to great photos and stores from the archives. We have thousands of images that bring the past into the present. We are: Ed Barrett Ed writes for Private Eye and is the man behind Barrett’s On This Day. Mic Wright Mic Wright is a writer. He grew up in Norfolk but doesn’t have webbed feet. He mainly writes about technology and pop culture but will write about almost anything for money. He has previously written for Stuff, Q, The Times, T3, the Evening Standard and…um…Pensions World magazine. He is Chief Technology Blogger for The Daily Telegraph. He can be found fighting, making jokes and generally messing about on Twitter as @brokenbottleboy. Mof Gimmers Mof writes and plays records for a living. He doesn’t live in London, can’t cook and tweets too often. Find him at @mofgimmers. Rusty Blazenhoff As the former Communications Specialist for the now defunct Bigrig Industries, a satirical organization that issued paper zines, I have long embraced the activities of the San Francisco Bay Area underground events scene. A true prankster at heart, I was also a proud member of the San Francisco Cacophony Society for many years and around that same time I was a graphic designer for Burning Man. At this amazing moment in time, I own and operate Rusty’s Real Deal, an estate liquidation company serving California’s East Bay area. My life-long passion for all things mysterious and thrifty has led me to pursue this natural calling, and – along with the Real Deal’s sister endeavor, Moxie Deluxe – I continue to dedicate my life to showcasing and celebrating all things beautiful and absurd. It is truly an honor to post right along side some of the most beautiful and absurd people that I know. My tentacle ‘guns’ are a-blazing and I am really looking forward to showing off the skills I learned in Anorak Blogging Boot Camp. Chris Wright Football shaman, Forest fan and Editor of Who Ate All The Pies (@waatpies). Chris has spun his irreverent silk for the likes of ESPN, Shortlist, Metro and a smattering of other football blogs Yeoman Lowbrow: A working stiff by day, by night a purveyor of retro culture ramblings. Curator of the popular blog Retrospace since ’08, YL still can’t reach the bottom of the well of vintage pop culture goodness. What began as a hobby to retreat from a career in forensic science, has turned into an unhealthy obsession. Pray he gets help. Burt Kearns Burt Kearns is an American television and film producer, writer, director, journalist and author, known for his influential work in reality television and his controversial 1999 tabloid television memoir, Tabloid Baby. Kearns was a pioneer in the trash-tabloid programs that reshaped television news in the ’80s and ’90s, bouncing from A Current Affair in New York to Hard Copy in Los Angeles and back again, often with lawyers nipping at his heels. Rob Baker Rob Baker writes the London history website Another Nickel in the Machine and has lived in South London for 25 years. An occasional comedy and entertainment TV Producer – he’s worked with a motley crew that includes Wallace and Gromit, Jeremy Clarkson and Adam and Joe. John Kenneth Muir The author of two-dozen books of film and TV reference, including award-winners Terror Television (2001), Horror Films of the 1970s (2002), and The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television (2005). Johns most recent books are Horror Films FAQ (2013) and Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of the 1970s (2013). Readers can also find John’s work in Dexter and Philosophy: Mind Over Splatter (2011), We Are What We Sell: How Advertising Shapes American Life. And Always Has (2014), and at his personal blog, Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic Television ( Mike Rampton Mike lives in London. He is terrible at drawing and has been bitten by loads of animals. His name on Twitter is @mikeisbrill and he does a bunch of stuff at Karen Strike Stylist to the stars of stage and screen who began her fashion career as a personal shopper for the wealthy and – thanks to her – well-heeled. A fashion expert, Karen can spot quality at 1,000 paces. Tim Worstall Tim Worstall is an Englishman who has failed at many things. Thus his turn to writing, the last refuge of many who could make a living no other way. He is, as an example of his business and financial perspicacity, the head of the international scandium oligopoly: the only commodity which has not risen in price in the past decade. Odd bits and pieces of his writing have been known to turn up in The Times, the book pages of the Daily Telegraph and the Philadelphia Inquirer, he\’s been a long term contributor toTCS Daily and also blogs for The Business and the Adam Smith Institute. Alan Duffy Alan Duffy lives in Brighton and as well as writing for WAATP, he’s one of the Opta stats boffins and an all-round media ‘brass’. Anna Leach Anna Leach is a freelance journalist who writes for the Independent, Wired and Jezebel. Jennifer Abel Jennifer Abel has worked as a reporter and editor for local newspapers in Connecticut. She contributes to online publications including Playboy, the Guardian, Anorak, Daily Dot, Salon and Mashable. Ashley Norris Founder and CEO of Shiny Media, Ashley was also co-founder of the UK’s first social media agency, Shiny Red. Passionate about social media, and an authority on organic SEO, Ashley has worked with a number of brands on their social media strategy including Microsoft, Pfizer, Cobra and Philips. He has also worked with a number of companies seeding their content online including LG, Samsung and EON. He is ANorak’s head of commercial relationships. Paul Sorene Publisher. Writer and editor for hire. Paul worked on Fleet Street. He realised readers were moving online. Paul has written and edited a myriad publications, including ghost writing for professors in engineering, to footballers and everyone in between. Paul has created online magazines for companies, including Betfair, BT, Tesco, Reuters and Vodafone. Contact him on: psorene[@]anorak[dot]co[dot]uk. With contributions from many, including: David Burge Brendan O’Neill, Christina Martin and Liz Gerard Technical support is provided by Pale Purple and design work from Sheldon Daniels Contact us on: UK: +44 (0) 7980 578831. Write to us: Anorak Publishing Ltd 330 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4DA A few kind words: Press Gazette Who needs newspapers when you have sites like Anorak? This irreverent daily mag reads the tabloids so you don’t have to. It gives a sly and wry take on the world of celebrity and gossip: think heat magazine with irony and good writing. It’s perfect for those snobby journos who would rather die than be seen in public with a tabloid tucked under their arm (you know who you are). The Sunday Times: “Anorak is another gem: it ‘keeps tabs on the tabloids’, providing witty summaries of all the news, gossip and sport that the day’s tabloids saw fit to print.” Web User magazine: Lazily, we could call this gem ‘The British Onion’. We were tempted. But while Anorak shares The Onion’s snook-cocking attitude towards the press, Anorak is still about the actual news rather than a twisted mindfunk version of it. Its daily email ‘keeps tabs on the tabloids’ with a flurry of links to sassy summaries of the best stories. You’ll love it if: You love The Sun but secretly fear buying it. You won’t like it if: You are immune to the attractions of tabloid journalism. You fool. World Press Review: Anorak is a breath of fresh air: irreverent, hilarious, often insightful, always intelligent, but never stuffy. BBC Best of the Web: It’s well written and doesn’t take itself too seriously. So who is the face behind the anorak? Cool Tricks And Trinkets Newsletter: The National Enquirer and Star Magazine are small potatoes compared to the British tabloids. Notorious for their cheeky headlines and outrageous accusations, they are the black sheep of journalism. Enter Anorak (Britspeak for parka). In true Brit fashion, this site pokes fun at the local and national newspapers and tabloids offering brief reviews of recent news items, often accompanied by news photos with hilarious captions. Evening Standard: This is one of the best news sites in the ‘hood’. Revolution: A great satirical look at the news. This is one of those hidden gems, and it is obvious that these guys have fun doing it and it makes me laugh. Hopefully, they can find a way for greater exposure without losing their passion. This is just the kind of thing I would love to receive through my phone. The Scotsman: I wish I knew who was responsible for this site – I’d send them a thank-you note. New Media Age: Quirky humour and logical links … make this a great online magazine. The Daily Telegraph: …it’s even more sarcastic than Jeremy Paxman and you don’t have to wait up until 11:15 at night to see it. Campaign Interactive: Too many mainstream media owners seem to use the wrong tone of voice for the Web but Anorak really hits the spot. Media Week: The day of the Anorak is nigh. It has personality and suitability to the medium that is missing from traditional media owners. Get in touch if you need great content for your site. We’ve built sites and written for: BT, Reuters, Maxim, banks, Ted Baker, Tesco and many more.
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