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Mobile Ad Network: New generation mobile advertisiment network
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Appboom.ru is new generation mobile advertisiment network, focusing on unique research technologies with wide target options and amplitudinous coverage. Large amount of data allows reach mobile users in broad ways: social networks, largest thematic sites and portals, popular application. You can excrete mobile users with needfull params: device, OS, type of connection (3G, WiFi), celluar provider, site/application.

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  • Mobile Display
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    Mobile Ad Network: New generation mobile advertisiment network
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    Extensive customization features ads Countries, cities, operating systems, operating system version, device type, device model, the type of connection, operators. Designer banners and icons If you do not have a banner or icon, you can use our designer. Everything will be ready in less than a minute. Detailed statistics Transitions, screenings, CTR, cost, city, country, device, operators, connection types, operating systems. Million viewers A huge audience of thousands of sites, 80% of active users.
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