Publisher: area | | the guide to everything jakarta!
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    Publisher: area | | the guide to everything jakarta!
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    The Magazine Published since October 2003, area Magazine is the leading city guide for the local by the local. Over the years, area magazine has become the preference source of breaking news on Jakarta's lifestyle trends, art & culture activities, kids programs, and entertainment industry. Each issue of area magazine showcases the style Guide, hottest scenes, tastiest flavors, and finest arts. Jakarta residents and visitors know they can rely on area magazine for any information about this city. Area magazine will entertain as it informs and will enlighten as it educates. Area Readers Area magazine audience is comprised primarily of local Jakarta residents between the age of 20-44. They specialize in a variety of areas: advertising, bank, finance, media, and many more. They represent markets large and small across Jakarta. As a group, they earn significant incomes and spend more on goods and services. Gender wise, area magazine audiences are divided evenly: 50% male and 50% female (based on 2006 reader survey). Area magazine is now providing online edition. Our readers now can access all of information on our printed magazine on the Internet. Technologies improved every day, and due to this reason we are making are accessible from everywhere such as your phone or your computer.
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