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Art Is Basic
Publisher: Art is Basic | An Art Teacher Blog
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    Publisher: Art is Basic | An Art Teacher Blog
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    About My name is Marcia and I teach K-6 art. I love my job and I love all things related to arts and crafts. At school, I am also the yearbook adviser. If you are a club adviser too, I would love to connect with you to share ideas. Art journaling, mixed media collage and watercolor painting are my favorite types of art to experiment with in my free time. My personal art blog is where I post my artsy creations. I have a husband named Andrew, who works for the Wisconsin Radio Network. You may have heard him if you listen to the news on the radio in Wisconsin. We have one daughter named Daria Jane, who was born in October of 2009. She is so much fun and very active! We also recently had a baby boy named Desmond Arthur, born on April 19, 2014. Here are my two cuties: What does my blog name mean? Art is a basic, fundamental part of a child’s educational experience. Art has been a basic way for humans to communicate in all cultures throughout history. Now, more than ever, creative thinking should be a core objective in all schools. Art is essential. Through this blog I share oodles of art project ideas, tips and tricks for managing the practical aspects of teaching art, and lots of inspiration from art & design. This blog is for you if you teach elementary art work with kids in any kind of setting and want art project ideas are a parent/grandparent looking to put more art in your child’s life.
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