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    Create, discover, inspire & connect creatives with collaborators, companies and endless opportunities. Artconnect Berlin is comprised of two distinct services, a free online and offline networking platform for creatives and a creative agency, each integrated seamlessly within one another. First launched in the summer of 2011, our networking platform has since become a reliable resource for Berlin’s creative veterans and newcomers alike. Our members are encouraged through specially organized events both online and offline to work together toward achieving their goals while exploring their own unique ideas and projects. In addition to individual artists, numerous institutions, galleries, companies and museums use our services to reach and interact with Berlin’s diverse creative population. This combination successfully unites both sides of the industry, creating a symbiotic relationship between its individuals and the organizations that support them. After developing a thorough understanding of Berlin’s creative scene and building off of the networking platform, a creative agency was launched in the winter of 2012 with the vision of maximizing the city’s creative potential. Using our own networking platform, our creative agency combs through thousands of users and carefully places them among Berlin’s creative projects and businesses, utilizing each member’s talent and expertise. Armed with an extensive knowledge of Berlin’s creative scene, our creative agency offers select services ranging from advertising and marketing to integration and networking services, with everything in between including event planning and creative software education.
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