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Articles About Men
Publisher: Articles About MenArticles About Men: Health, Sport, Divorce, Children
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    Publisher: Articles About MenArticles About Men: Health, Sport, Divorce, Children
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    Advertise with Articles About Men [TABLE=3] Articles About Men is an established website with significant organic web traffic from Google & Yahoo, found primarily through a host a keyword searches. Articles About Men also has tens of thousands of backlinks from thousands of other prestigious websites, including a bevvy of social media sites and services. The result of this embedded existence with such notable company is a Google Pagerank of 4, which is highly prized association amongst the many authors who want to showcase their work on Articles About Men. Articles About Men has a highly selective policy of article review, only publishing articles of the highest calibre. All article selection is a manual process, and only articles with clear and distinct interest or benefit to the reader, written in articulate English, and embellished with well crafted images, videos or audio, are considered for publication. Articles About Men has a number of authors on its website that write exclusively for Articles About Men, with some of these articles gaining widespread recognition for excellence in the field of writing on men’s issues. [TABLE=2] Articles About Men is a socially active website with broad distribution of its articles via Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, and various other social networks. In fact a significant number of our web traffic actions our articles by forwarding them by email liking via Facebook, sharing via Twitter and Stumbleupon, etc, creating a cascading visitation routine that attracts established readers plus new readers on an ongoing basis. Our Facebook page has a collective of over 3,300 Facebook fans and friends, primarily from the USA and Canada. Our Feedburner email subscribers has surpassed 1,400 subscribers, getting a daily email summary with every new article addition, with a link prompting them to read the full article on the website, thus encouraging repeat visitation. Our Twitter account has over 400 followers, working in tandem with new and old articles, being posted one the hour every hour. Again, every Twitter post provides a summary and a link back to the website. Purchase Advertise Space on Articles About Men PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online. Please contact us via the contact form below if the option you are interested in is not available in the Paypal options drop down. Further, we would be happy to discuss other advertising options, so please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to consider: Product reviews, as long as they are relevant to men. Article submissions, to remain on Articles about Men permanently, and be included in our RSS distribution. Facebook postings and Twitter postings, in conjunction with a website plan, to reach our social audience. Multi-site package, to include advertising on 5 other similarly-themed websites. EDM mail-outs, a newsletter editorial to an audience in excess of 10,000 subscribers.
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