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Publisher: Ash N' Fashn | A fashion & lifestyle blog.
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    Publisher: Ash N' Fashn | A fashion & lifestyle blog.
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    Hi, I’m Ashley Tarkington. In 2nd grade I purposely failed an eye exam so I could have reading glasses as an accessory. They were lavender with a tiny butterfly and rhinestone in the corner and I wore them when I wanted to change up my look. Years later I let my mom know I rigged the test and she laughed and said she wasn’t surprised. I was born in Arizona and raised in Southern California (Orange County). As soon as I graduated college I moved to LA to work in the entertainment industry. I worked my way from assistant to producer before I realized my passion was really fashion and switched over to styling. I’ve come full circle and am now a wardrobe stylist for the same show I began working at right out of college. I’ve also contributed to on camera to fashion segments online. Gifts & Advertising: I choose every item on my blog with care and style all my outfits myself. Any items given to me by a company are noted with a “c/o.” I also accept side bar advertisements in the form of a third party ad network. I will not wear or even mention anything that does not fit my personal style. Sponsored Posts: I am more than happy to team up with brands and companies that fit my blog’s style. Please contact me for information and pricing at ashley@ashnfashn.com Content & Photography: You are welcome to use my pictures but please provide a link back to my blog.
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