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    I am Hitokirihoshi Laurence (of course not my real name but I’m living entity), juvenile and unattached. I started to blog (‘yong hard core) October 2007 at www. kwentotpaniniwalanihitokirihoshi.wordpress.com. Why I blog (check this out)? And what are the reasons why I keep on blogging (check this out)? Wash your Name? My web moniker Hitokirihoshi is a coined name from my two crushes – Kenshin Himura also known as Hitokiri Batousai (from Samurai X) and Emperor Hotohori a.k.a Hoshi (Fushigi Yuugi). Hitokiri means slasher and hoshi is star so hitokirihoshi is Slasher Star. I definitely see my self as a star not Star for all Season, Superstar or Megastar but a star you can’t imagine (imagine?!). Where do you believe? I already divulged that I’m from <here> but to tell you my brief background, I’m the youngest in a complicated (how complicated? Very!), simple, middle-class, crowded, and socially active family. I cherished my privacy so well that I always hide even my identity. But don’t worry; I don’t have identity crisis! I am just cute boyish Filipina and I don’t like to be an uncomfy girly sossy lady. Pero ‘pag type si guy I can pretend and knock him with my charm. Wahehehe! What you how? I don’t like stuff like extreme sports, watching horror movies, and rides like roller coaster. I prefer interesting activities like movie marathon, reading books/ magazines, singing @ bathroom coliseum/ videoke bars, car racing – computer game, word games – board or computer, blogging, dancing, travel with amateur/raw photography, scrapbooking, and enterprising (naks!). I keep two organizers (daily and hourly), a diary, a kiddy bulletin board and uncountable memo pads/ scratch papers and notebooks. I read Our Daily Journey, Entertainment news (local, Hollywood, and Asian News), personal finance blogs/books/magazine, and of course Bible. When do you know? Since you are reading this as if I’m so important to you, please accept my token of appreciation by giving these information. I wanna learn how to play guitar and keyboard I’m looking forward to become a thriving businesswoman I’d like to juggle part time jobs and sideline business… I’m passive when it comes to love I’m quite and serious person in professional/spiritual level but in real state…I’m very hitokirihoshi > your shy type mysterious jolly and accommodating blogger< I don’t like to pretend but don’t expect me to tell you everything. I don’t take obligations that I know I can’t deal with. Because as much as I can and once I started, it’s an all out fight. I’m very much comfortable using my beloved native Filipino language! If you like to welcome me in your facebook, twitter, tumblr, posterous, netlog, formspring, and foursquare. Okay na okay with me… please search or invite me…just type hitokirihoshi or hitokirihoshi@gmail.com If you are advertiser and you want to advertise in my hoshilandia. Come! welcome please contact me at hitokirihoshi@gmail.com I’m delighted to deal with you 24/7.
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