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Astronaut.com brings together elements of space information from sources all over the globe to create a unique, thought provoking, and educational environment for users of all ages. Sci-fi enthusiasts, educators, space geeks, gamers, and kids will all find a connection with the site. Astronaut.com is currently compiling articles, video, and information on space science topics and major space programs such as NASA , SpaceX, Mars Rover , Virgin Galactic, and Lockheed Martin.

Chief Operating Officer Dan Honig states: "This is an incredibly exciting time as we are experiencing the convergence of science fiction and reality. Across the globe there is a renewed interest in the exploration of space. New discoveries, technological advances in the development of space travel, and the never ending question of life outside of our world has created a demand for more information about outer space. With this in mind, Astronaut.com was launched to be the global interactive Web site for all ages and interest levels. Rich with photographs, videos, and scientific and user generated content we aim to be the premier resource for all things space related on the web and hope to serve as a portal for the burgeoning space industry. Using social media and the World Wide Web, industry professionals, educators, and general space enthusiasts can connect with the site to guide the site's growth and the category expansion throughout the universe."

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    Publisher: Astronaut.com | Where Science Fiction Meets Reality
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    Astronaut.com is dedicated to bringing the latest news, reviews and information from the world of space, entertainment, sci-fi and technology. Our visitors enjoy articles, videos, images, forums and more, get involved today & join our community! For more information on advertising on Astronaut.com, please contact us on the link below.
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