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At Charlotte’s House
Lover of color, manager of chaos, thrifter of all the things.
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I’m Charlotte and welcome to my house! If peace and quiet is what you’re after… this would be the time for you to slooooowly back away from my blog. I promise to share ideas and honesty and fun but there will be a little bit of organized chaos. Grab your hot glue gun and a cup of seasonal coffee and take a seat!

Everyone loves a good back story so here’s mine. (Not that it’s good… I didn’t mean to set your expectations too high, but it is mine.) In 2012, I was living in New York City maneuvering subways not power tools. I worked as a school guidance counselor and knew nothing about blogging or designing or DIYing. But then we up and went suburban and I fell into blogging as a way to share my newly stay-at-home-mom status, maintain a modicum of sanity AND to become a star. (Ok… not that last part.) Remember how I said I knew NOTHING about blogging? Well… for years my blog was a cute hybrid of the words city + suburb + sanity… Ciburbanity. No one could say it. No one could remember it. And the only advantage was the available URL! Now I am DELIGHTED to be At Charlotte’s House which sums up this whole blogging adventure perfectly.

My husband Mark and I have five children between the age of 8 and 1. In 2014, we moved around the corner to our second suburban fixer upper and the project list grew longer than ever. I write about everything from fixing up this old house of ours to tiling to upholstery to flea market domination.

I’ve also suckered some producers into letting me appear on television. Yep… they actually let me go on LIVE TV. Joke’s on them. It all started with Flea Market Flip and the rest is in tidy little thumbnails for you to see here!

Another highlight for this little blog was that one time I got to smile on the back page of Better Homes and Gardens. (See a full snapshot of my fame and fortune here.)

My design style is fun frugal repurposed eclectic. Look it up… it’s probably a thing. I like colors and whimsy and brass and rattan. I can negotiate like a ninja and I may or may not have 8 chairs, 3 coffee tables, and a dresser in my garage. I love my readers and try to connect with everyone via Instagram and Facebook.

I love hearing from all of you who stop by so please PLEASE introduce yourself and leave a comment below! I also try to share some wit and design via my newsletter so sign up to get my VERY sporadic email by clicking the image below! Or… just email me: atcharlotteshouse (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Lover of color, manager of chaos, thrifter of all the things.
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    Thanks for your interest in At Charlotte’s House! I love collaborating with brands to share amazing products and design ideas with my readers. At Charlotte’s House (formerly Ciburbanity) launched in 2013 when we left our life in New York City for the Connecticut suburbs. I was a teacher and school counselor for more then a decade and started the blog to fill that void… at the time, we had three small children and a historic home to make over so the project list was a long one! Slowly but surely, the blog has developed along with my style and it is now a creative and colorful source of unique and one-of-a-kind design ideas. (Click below to explore.) We have since moved into another historic home and have five small children, so there’s no place in our lives for the extravagant or the dainty. I love incorporating pattern and color and texture… mixing the modern with the vintage, upscale with flea market (although… emphasis on the flea market!). I believe design should be personal. I believe design should be fun. I believe design should be functional. FEATURED: My projects and home have been featured online on Houzz, Apartment Therapy, Oprah, Good Housekeeping, the Huffington Post, Better Homes and Gardens, BuzzFeed, Ikea Hackers, Country Living, eHow and more. In both 2015 and 2016, my work was featured in print by Better Homes and Gardens. TELEVISION: I also appear regularly on Connecticut’s WTNH television as well as MassAppeal in Chicopee, MA. In 2016, I was flown out to Los Angeles to compete as one of 25 finalists in the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family DIY Expert contest.(See all my TV appearances here.)
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