AusGamers has existed in various forms since 1996, when it was established to serve the video games community by hosting LAN gaming events across the country. In 1999, it was formally established as a company, with a view to further serving the Australian games community through both online activities and LAN events.

Today, AusGamers is recognised as one of Australia's largest youth media sites, providing the latest in news from the gaming world to a continually growing market. It is also a high profile site internationally, with many visitors coming from all over the globe to take advantage of its features and services.

AusGamers also provides one of the largest locally hosted collections of gaming files, ensuring that Australian gamers can get fast access to all the latest downloads for all the new and popular titles. More than 30 terabytes are downloaded from AusGamers servers in a typical month.

AusGamers is one of Australia's most popular destinations for gamers.

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    Advertise with us! Media Kit Grab our Media Kit to find out why you should plug your business in to AusGamers! Download the media kit! (PDF, 12MB) Here at AusGamers, we take our advertising partnerships seriously, be they big or small. This is why we have appointed an external company to manage all advertising on AusGamers, so you as a possible advertiser can be sure of the most professional response. We've been doing this since 1999, and our position as one of Australia's largest games networks takes hard work and dedication. We are simply the best known game site in Australia today and when people think games, they think AusGamers. To ensure that when our advertising partners reference any data on our site, we make sure that the data available is an accurate, up-to-date account of our situation. We ensure that the premium services on AusGamers are available for advertising, thus ensuring the greatest number of eyeballs possible across your marketing and brands, and are always happy to work with advertisers on new ideas and different creatives. If you're interested in more information, the best place to start is our Media Kit, which includes a stack of data and all our standard placements. Contact us now with your advertising inquiry! AusGamers is represented by You Know Media for all of our advertising concerns. Advertising Samples: September 2012: World of Warcraft Campaign Industry giant Blizzard selected AusGamers to highlight the Mists of Pandaria expansion for their wildly successful property, World of Warcraft. The campaign was split into two parts - pre-release and post-release - and had custom skins for both stages with the relevant information. Click the below image for a full-sized screenshot. July, 2012: The Secret World Campaign Electronic Arts and Funcom chose AusGamers to promote their massively multiplayer title The Secret World. Click the below image for a full-sized screenshot. November, 2011: L.A. Noire Reskin Campaign Rockstar ran an extensive campaign on AusGamers, including standard banners and other placements, but the main attraction was the ability to run an integrated skin across the whole site. Click the below image for a full-sized screenshot. February, 2010: Bioshock 2 Reskin Promotion 2K Games chose AusGamers as a major platform for their marketing campaign for Bioshock 2, opting for a run-of-site reskin to ensure this game was right up in gamers' faces for the promotional period. The promotion included reserving the primary feature spot to run a Bioshock 2 video trailer, able to be played directly from that module. Click the below image for a full-sized screenshot of this fantastic-looking promotion. Our Media Kit has more examples and contains the full range of advertising options.
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