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Publisher: The World's Independent Aviation News Resource
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Avweb.com is the General Aviation industry's most successful and respected news website, reaching an audience of 281,000 unique readers monthly.

Now in our 16th year, www.Avweb.com is the leading source for up-to-the-minute general aviation news, product analysis and pilot resources. Our free, subscription based AVwebFlash, AVwebBiz and AVwebAudio newsletters have become a must-read--Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning for nearly a quarter million general aviation pilots, aircraft owners, business owners and executives.

More than 86% of our subscribers are pilots--and over 84% are owners of private or corporate aircraft.

Our editors have produced more than 600 video flight evaluations, avionics and product tutorials and interviews with top aviation leaders and designers (see Youtube.com, key word: Avweb).

Our advertisers include the most prestigious brands in General Aviation including Cessna, Avemco, Bose, Lightspeed, Eclipse Aerospace, Lycoming, Continental, Jeppesen, and Diamond Aircraft.

We are introducing a number of new digital e-zines in 2012 which will be emailed at no cost to our subscribers. Select content from our publishiing group's aviation titles including IFR, IFR Update, Aviation Consumer and Aviation Safety--and extensive embedded vido content-- will make these new publications extremely valuable to our readers--who are always looking for tips, techniques and flight safety information.

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    Publisher: The World's Independent Aviation News Resource
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    Four times a week, AVweb reaches more than a quarter million GA pilots who fly single and twin pistons, turboprops, owner-flown jets, LSAs -- even kits and experimental aircraft. AVweb is the recognized, leading independent source of breaking news for pilots, OEMs, FBOs, students, flight schools, the FAA, corporate leaders and flight departments. We reach a wide, wide range of general aviation pilots with fast-read hard news items and quick-view videos. With more than 260,000 unique visitors monthly to AVweb.com and more than 200,000 subscribers to our Flash & Biz e-letters, AVweb leads the online aviation news industry with more content, more useful video, and more thoughtful opinion. You'll find expert blogs and analysis of GA news, video pilot reports, avionics demos, product evaluations and off-beat news features in almost every AVwebFlash and AVwebBiz newsletter -- and on our web site, AVweb.com. AVweb is published 219 times yearly, reaching the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central and South America, China, the Near and Middle East -- some 55 countries worldwide! AVweb's Flash and Biz e-newsletter editors source, report, and produce original news, features, video products, and pilot reports reaching 200,000 subscribers worldwide. Our readers fly every type of aircraft imaginable -- and so do we. In fact, our editors cover the entire GA flight line. AVweb advertisers reach a diverse subscriber list of owner-pilots, students, professional, corporate, military and airline pilots. Over 86% of our subscribers are active pilots -- and more than 83% own one or more airplanes.
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