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We are a group of parents with diverse backgrounds that created a website to review childrens' educational apps for various platforms. We believe the with technology being so pervasive as well as a sound teaching tool, we can find the best educational apps for children, and review them, sharing our perspective with other parents. Our goal is to help busy parents choose the right learning apps for their children that are engaging as well as educational, making it easy for parents to choose the right apps for their children, knowing that the app is safe, interesting, and a learning experience.

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    Publisher: Best Educational Apps for Kids
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    We offer reasonable rates for any app developer to advertise their company or specific app. We also offer sponsored posts, should you be interested in spreading the word about your Awesome Kids App! We offer advertising in all the tile and banner areas you see, and are also open to custom advertising options if you would prefer custom placement (e.g. in-body, etc).
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