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B14 Kings Heath
Publisher: B14 Kings Heath .net - Local news | Community | What's on | Local business | Kings Heath, Birmingham
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    Publisher: B14 Kings Heath .net - Local news | Community | What's on | Local business | Kings Heath, Birmingham
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    Who runs this site? You do! The site has been designed to give local people the opportunity to contribute, comment, discuss and generally have their say. As time goes on, more and more content will be provided by members of the online community. The site has been built and is edited by Actuality Media. It's not a big money-spinnng venture, we are based in Kings Heath and aim to support the local community. We will offer value for money advertising opportunities to local businesses to help pay for what we do. We want to support all aspects of the local community, so if your business is doing something newsworthy that's fine - do let us know or post an item online and we'll be happy to share it. The normal editorial rules of any local media apply, if it's interesting we'll cover it, but please dont expect us to provide free advertising! Our cookie policy EU rules have been introduced to make sure websites are more open about any information they collect about you and your activity on the internet. This is usually done by small text files placed on your computer called 'cookies'. As well as tracking your web activity to target advertising for example, such cookies are widely used to help websites run more smoothly. They help you by storing information about your browser settings, font preferences, log in details etc (but not passwords). We do not track your activity beyond this site and only use cookies to improve the way this site works and improve your viewing experience. By continuing to use this site, we assume you are happy with this. You can find full details of our cookie policy here. The page also explains how you can opt out - although this will mean the site does not run so smoothly and some of the functions will stop working for you.
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