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    Balancing Home (started in July of 2011) has 4,270++ fans on Facebook, 1,200+ followers on Twitter, 3,350+ followers on Pinterest, 500+ subscribers and over 240,000+ monthly pageviews. The best part is…we are just getting started. We are totally addicted to this blog thing. If you want to get a better feel for Balancing Home and what we are all about, stop by our ABOUT page. We love creating, connecting and watching Balancing Home grow. We value our readers and their support. We only want to bring them the best! If you have a product or service that speaks to the Balancing Home crowd we would love to hear from you. We know what a big deal it is to back a blog and that is why we will promote the you-know-what out of your product/service/company. Sponsor us and you hit a niche market that will be seen 35,000 times a month. (If you are reading this down the road that number is most likely a lot bigger. We are doing a lot of growing around here). Obviously, giveaways and promo codes further promote you! We will plug you where we can and rave about just how fabulous you are (which you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here). Hmm….so what are your options? Well we have a few. If you don’t see something you had in mind it doesn’t mean it isn’t option so be sure to ask. Giveaways Product Reviews Advertising with or without promo code Freelance writing & Blog for hire Event Sponsorship Sponsored Posts Spokesperson Role Brand Ambassador
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