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Consulting - marketing research, media planning, social media management, lead generation campaign management, web analytics.

Blogging - Parenting and lifestyle blog owner at BalancingMama.com. Member of the Georgia Social Media Moms, a proud 2014 Beaches Mom, and various blogging networks.

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    I'm Julie. Wife to smarty-pants engineer Steve and mommy to spunky Amelia and baby Andrew. I was born in a small city in east Tennessee. Stayed in the state for 21-1/2 years before taking the leap towards the "big city" of Atlanta. My first job threw me right into the city life - parked near a jail, got accosted by homeless beggars almost daily, saw one such man peeing in the outer entryway of our office building, attended a murder trial in the neighboring courthouse... quite a set of experiences for this country girl! But later, as I took other jobs and experienced more of the city, I realized that Atlanta had a lot to offer. And very little of this major metropolitan city was like the jail/courthouse area I was so "lucky" to experience initially. We have pro sports, cultural events and shows, shopping, restaurants, and many, many parks, playgrounds, and children's activities. Our 9-pound baby Amelia was born in April 2008. Wow, how she changed my life! I made the switch to part-time, semi at-home work (I am an advertising media and research professional) and I now spend the other hours of my day keeping the family fed, clothed, clean, and transporting the kindergartener and soccer star where she needs to be. "Little" Andrew (8.5 pounds) was born in late January 2014. He has not been with us long, but he already keeps me on my toes. Literally. He likes to make me stand up with him. I am struggling to balance his needs, Amelia's schedule, and my own sanity. But he is worth the craziness. Such a cutie pie! I began blogging in January 2010. I was worn down and second-guessing my abilities to be a good mommy. As the blog has grown, I've met other parents and bloggers who give me that lifeline to the outside world. If I could do this for a job, I totally would. In the meantime, I'll keep writing and connecting with all of you out there. Thanks for stopping by!
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