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Publisher: We Are Barnsley | Get all the latest Barnsley news at wearebarnsley.com
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    Publisher: We Are Barnsley | Get all the latest Barnsley news at wearebarnsley.com
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    Advertise with us Banners An effective way to showcase your brand to our visitors. They can be linked directly to your web site so can be an ideal way to help drive traffic to you. Space for banners is limited though so if you want a prime position, you need to act quickly. Vouchers Everyone loves a bargain and the We Are Barnsley audience is no exception. If you’ve got a discount you want to promote then we can quickly circulate it to our audience which is growing by the day. Offers can be promoted on various platforms: the web site; Facebook and via our Twitter feed. And what’s more, the more generous your discount, the less you’ll pay to promote it. Takeovers If you’re launching a new business or want to get the maximum impact, a takeover is the most cost-effective way. Takeovers allow extensive branding on either side of all We Are Barnsley’s web pages. To create the best effect, we only use these sparingly. Each campaign can last a maximum of a week and we only allow one campaign per month to ensure it creates a lasting impression. Sponsorship We Are Barnsley features a wide selection of pages that appeal to a broad section of Barnsley folk. If your business is associated with one of our sections, why not sponsor it? So if you’re a restaurant owner, you could align your brand with our What’s On section – so yours is the first eaterie people see when they’re planning a night out.
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