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Basement Health Association
Publisher: Basement Health Association
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The Basement Health Association is a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate the general public about water diversion, waterproofing, structural repair, building and basement health industries.

Basement Health is not a new industry but rather a re-energized movement to improving the health of millions of people who live over unhealthy basements and crawl spaces. Basement Health Association is an umbrella association encompassing all the related basement contractors.

Now for the first time a consumer can join the various groups on this website and learn all they can about good basement health for free! Join our social networking website at http://www.basementhealth.org––get advice and answers from industry experts and your neighbors alike.

Contractors and service professionals join our discussion board and learn all about your industry and also related fields as well. Join one group or all of them – the choice is up to you and best of all it is free!

Contact us today learn more about the Basement Health Association, and learn about becoming a Certified Contractor! (800) 245-6292

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    Publisher: Basement Health Association
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