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    Publisher: Bay Area Source Center
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    The Bay Area Source Center is a regional resource center and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Institute for Communications Resources, an Oregon-based business development company offering the best-of-breed solution for a sophisticated, yet simple and elegant, social-media based website and resource center 3.0 development over the Internet. Our engineered content management, information and news system for executing a powerful resource center network is available now to qualified individuals seeking a business opportunity, start-up companies or entrepreneurs with a green and sustainable product or service, and/or full–enterprise companies that would prefer their own branded resource center solution. Programming and customization that could have cost $250,000 just a few years ago is now available for a low set-up fee with modest monthly licensing fees instead. Initially we've focused our resource center development locally in Ashland, Oregon and regionally throughout the Pacific Northwest. Then we'll expand nationally and globally in every geographical market. With our extensive business backgrounds we're capable of providing expert project management along with a "Leadership Training Program" for establishing a resource center in your community. MISSION STATEMENT & PURPOSE Building local, regional and global resource centers to facilitate the emerging consciousness of green, sustainability and freedom. To create a free enterprise, sustainable infrastructure for international project and business development in the primary areas of organic food, fresh water, clean air, shelter, renewable energy, environment, appropriate technology, communications, education, health and wellness. To create global resource centers to network opportunities, people, organizations, communities, projects, businesses and media To publish the Waking Giant News service to produce and distribute journalist quality content. To facilitate the emergence of a global network identity in alignment with empowered leadership internationally. Goals: To organize regional resource centers in 144 countries and bioregions to facilitate project and business development. To launch the Waking Giant News service with 5,000,000 subscribers/viewers per day. To recruit and train 10,000 leaders and companies through our Leadership Training Programs. To create an enlightened planetary civilization. Contact BayAreaSourceCenter.com or call (800) 640-5947 for more information about becoming a partner, advertiser or sponsor or building a resource center in your area. Engage our social media marketing program!
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