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BBQ Like It's Hot
Publisher: BBQ Like It's Hot! - The Pursuit of the Great Kiwi Barbecue
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    Publisher: BBQ Like It's Hot! - The Pursuit of the Great Kiwi Barbecue
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    the pursuit of the great kiwi barbecue! Hello and welcome to BBQ Like It’s Hot! I’m Scott, a backyard barbecue enthusiast. this is kiwi barbecue now and then I have always been a great fan of barbecued foods. Growing up my favourite times were during weekends over the summer when my parents would have family friends over and we would spend the days playing in the backyard while the dads would gather around the ‘barbie’, beer in hand grilling steaks and sausages for lunches and dinners. This is the classic ×Kiwi barbecue. Sausages, steaks, kebabs, burgers and chicken legs covered in ×Watties tomato sauce to cover up the burnt bits. Years later, ×Kiwi barbecues still feature the staples, but thanks to celebrity chefs such as Al Brown, the way has been paved for many more dishes on the grill. I am excited to share these ideas and methods with you. I have no formal culinary training yet feel entirely comfortable behind a grill controlling a fire to achieve amazing barbecued results. Everything that I have learnt about barbecue has come from cook books, internet forums, tv shows and blogs much similar to this one. Not to mention lots of trial and error on the grill. kiwi barbecue, fresh and local The most enjoyable aspect of barbecuing is being able to create all of these dishes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Vegetables and herbs grown in the garden at home and meat from a farm down the road.
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