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Publisher: Celebrity Hairstyles, Fashion, Make Up, and More - BeautyRiot
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    Publisher: Celebrity Hairstyles, Fashion, Make Up, and More - BeautyRiot
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    BeautyRiot.com is the girlfriend with the inside scoop, helping women reinvent their looks and develop their own unique style. HERE'S HOW WE SERVE OUR COMMUNITY BeautyRiot.com has the virtual makeover tool, which lets women try on hundreds of different hairstyles and makeup looks on their own faces. BeautyRiot.com has more than 700 celebrity hairstyle pictures and how-tos. Perfect for women looking to find inspiration for a new look. BeautyRiot.com has expert advice on everything from the right haircut for a woman's face shape to the right clothing for her hair color -- but all of it is presented with the idea that BeautyRiot.com readers make up their OWN style rules. HERE'S HOW BEAUTY MEDIA IS CHANGING Internet usage is growing 70 percent of at home Internet users have a broadband connection. 51 percent of online users are women, 5 million more than men. E-commerce growth has been in excess of 20 percent in each of the last three years, and eMarketer and Forrester predict continuing growth in the double digits. Online beauty is booming Personal care items dominate the top 10 product categories women purchase. Skin care, color cosmetics and hair care represent three of the top five on the personal care item list. 31.6 million Americans go online for health information and 40 percent start with a search engine. 7 in 10 women chose the internet as their buying venue because it was easy to use, and there were more and better products available. Women are searching for unbiased advice 75 percent of consumers interviewed went online to learn more about a beauty product. Nearly 30 percent of users who clicked on more than one listing on a page of search results switched to the natural results. Only 11 percent of consumers who clicked on the natural results first switched to paid lists. This suggests that overall, consumers are not finding what they want from paid listings, even after conducting a search and visiting a Web site. HERE'S WHERE YOU FIT IN If your brand is dedicated to super-serving users and making life better, we'd love to talk. Simply fill out the form below and we'll get to work learning your brand and making recommendations for our collective marketing partnership. In brief, here's what to expect: Large IAB-standard ad units in an uncluttered environment Video sponsorship and branded entertainment Sampling, sweepstake and promotions And much, much more
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