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    Belinda's Babblings was created on May 13, 2013. I had decided to create this blog for a few reasons and have listed them below (in no particular order): 1. I have an opinion and I want to share it. 2. I love making new friends. 3. Too many blogs lack integrity. I used to subscribe to quite a few blogs but have stopped following them because they lost their integrity. Basically what this means is that they've "sold-out". It's so easy to create a blog and it's even easier to sell out. The blogger stops caring about their readers and cares only about the companies sending them free samples. When you see a blog that publishes several reviews per week and every single review is praise with no criticisms, it's most likely a lie. Not every product you review is going to be gold. This is deceitful and wrong. I know that by mentioning this, I've probably cut out at least half of my opportunities to review. I'm okay with this though because I've probably cut out the companies who either a) want an advertisement rather than a review, b) want me to lie (which I won't), or c) already know their product is crap. I can live with that. I'm opinionated but honest. I respect others opinions, even when they are different from my own. That being said, I hope that you'll do the same. I'll never mean to offend anyone with my writings. Though you should know that I do curse every so often. If you reply to a post in the comments section, I will respond to your comment as soon as I see it. I love making new friends and chatting so I will always reply promptly. I will try and post several times a week.
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