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Publisher: Bellesouth — bs with no BS.
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    Publisher: Bellesouth — bs with no BS.
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    I'm a natural-born writer currently living in northwest Arkansas. I’ve been online and maintaining web sites since 1995. Bellesouth became my brainchild in 1999 when I noticed that female presence on the Web was coming mostly from the west coast. I set out to prove that smart, sassy and Southern could come in one package. Meanwhile, I had to make money, and while starting out in small office-temp jobs and an internship for an award-winning, statewide weekly newspaper, I started looking at ways online to generate income. In 2000, I found myself using the Internet to supplement my income through writing, earning rewards, as well as living on free shampoo, soap and other samples I found online. Many designs and relocations later, Bellesouth has evolved from a personal site into a dynamic social-media presence. I now earn a living by sharing stories about my life as a caregiver, the work I do with animals, offering consumer tips, reviewing products and services and finding cool and interesting things to share with the world. My main goal at Bellesouth is exactly what it says at the top of this page: BS with no BS. I give you the real story, often adding snark and humor, as I find it in nearly everything in my life. Here I share personal stories, reviews, tips on everything from how to be an informed consumer to how to get a cute set of nails. I promise no smoke and mirrors, and I will never make outrageous claims about anything; I’ll just share personal experience and additional research.
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