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Publisher: Best Of Baton Rouge - Source for Restaurants, Events, Businesses, Fun
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An information service from a local's perspective on what's good in the metro area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Best of Baton Rouge offers web advertising to local businesses, free basic listings and frequent interaction through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

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    Publisher: Best Of Baton Rouge - Source for Restaurants, Events, Businesses, Fun
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    Best of Baton Rouge now offers an excellent opportunity for interested businesses to reach out to our visitors through advertising. Our website is Baton Rouge locally owned, operated and filled with information based on our experience in and around the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We believe thoughtful ad placement specifically targeted to our content benefits us, businesses and our visitors. Why Advertise With Us: Best of Baton Rouge gets around 40,000 unique impressions monthly. Our visitor base is 100% organic which means we pay for none of our traffic. Everyone who comes here is from a referring site, search engine or direct means. 75% of our visitors are from Louisiana. The rest of the visitors are primarily from Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi. We frequently get emails asking us where to go when people are coming in for a visit from these states. People who come here are looking uniquely good things about the city of Baton Rouge. Most of our traffic is focused around food, live entertainment, business names, festivals, etc. These are people are looking for ways to spend money in Baton Rouge. What Type Of Advertising Placements Do You Offer? Placements are offerd in the form of banner advertising. To see all the placement locations click the links below. Each placement is sold either as a whole placement which means your banner shows every time. Each placement is sold site wide so you appear on all content pages in front of our entire visitor base. Ad placement example How much does it cost? We calculate rates on a cost per impression basis. The current rate is $100/monthly per placement. Based on detailed data analysis this rate is very competitive with what you'll pay with other well known Baton Rouge websites. If you would like more information please call 225-266-6900
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