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Publisher: Retirement Communities in the U.S. by areas
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    Publisher: Retirement Communities in the U.S. by areas
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    About Me--A Passion For Places, Writing and Retirement Communities By Carol Fena If you are curious about why this website was created and about the person responsible for it's creation--this page will help you. More than 20 years ago I received my real estate license in California and was in that career for a long time. At some point in the past 20 years, I went into the property management field because I am by nature very curious and thought investment property an interesting field. My personal and professional life has been enriched by trying new things, continuing education and always asking questions. I have now embarked on a totally different path--another result of being curious about life and continuing to educate myself--building a website about real estate where I can use my real estate experience but add another dimension--my creative side. All my life I have wanted to write but, of course, never had the time while my children were young because they were my first priority. Now, I have time to do this thing I have always loved. While I also enjoy art and music, I find writing to be my best creative outlet. My other passion is the love of places--especially places that I have gathered in my memory naturally over the years--that fascinates me. I have traveled and/or lived in most of the United States, and I have many beautiful places to share stories about. This website only touches on that love. The fourth thing that has brought me to this place (building a website)is that I live in a retirement community. I have found it so enjoyable that it seemed like the perfect subject to talk about. And the vehicle for putting all of these pieces together, of course, is the website--I am so glad I found the Site Build It program for building a website because I am not at all technical, but through Site Build It have learned how to build a website. Was it luck or fate--a little of both. I really enjoy the feeling that I may be helping someone to find the right community. When I do find a great community, I can't wait to get it on the site because it might be just what someone has been looking for. Real estate can be a very satisfying career when you feel you have helped someone--it is the best part. I look forward to keeping you informed about new communities and old, places and related subjects, and in exciting new forms, such as video, in the future for a long time to come. So four things have brought me to this place: Real Estate, Writing, Places and Retirement Communities. I hope you enjoy my website as much as I enjoy building it. And thank you so much for visiting. Carol
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Carol Fena
Address: 3398 Gleneagles Dr. #3B Silver Spring MD 20906 US
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