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    Publisher: Bextr: Innovation Simplified
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    Digital Advertising Helping brands instantly generate leads and close sales via mobile points of contact. Cross Platform Lead Generation Your advertising campaign can utilize exclusive promotional offers or employment opportunities to gain valuable information about new customers or prospective recruits. Point of Sale Advertisements You can leverage our network of high-definition digital signage to close sales instantly on both consumers' mobile devices and our touch screens deployed in high-traffic retail locations. Custom Remote Administration Your team can effortlessly update creative media across digital signage for no additional cost thanks to our innovative cloud-based network, which also provides customized analytics. Why advertise with Bextr? Quite simply, we offer the best value and results available in digital advertising. Lasting Brand Awareness No advertising medium makes a stronger impression than digital signage, as 47% of consumers recall the specific brands and offers they see on digital signage for 30 days, with even better retention for touch screen interactions. As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on their smartphones and tablets, interactive digital advertisements deployed on touch screens become a necessary part of any marketing campaign aimed at reaching key demographics. Unlock Surprise Purchases Electronic billboards, directories, and menus empower companies to maximize sales by interacting directly with potential customers, as over 20% of consumers make unplanned purchases after interactions with digital signage. Consumers now expect the interactivity and production value they enjoy whenever they go shopping online, forcing businesses to revisit the engagement methods and sales tools they use to convert browsers into immediate buyers. Remote Campaign Admin The creative media you display on our network of digital signage can be updated quickly for no additional cost, empowering your marketing team to optimize campaigns based on limited-time offers or new branding guidelines. Moreover, you can display unique advertisements across different locations in which our digital signage is deployed, giving you the opportunity to target specific consumers or groups based on the demographics of a particular market.
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