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Publisher: Biddy Tarot | Online Tarot Readings and Tarot Card Meanings
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Biddy Tarot is the place to be if you're an aspiring Tarot reader and you want to create transformational change in your life and others. Biddy Tarot offers free Tarot card meanings, Tarot guides and program, online Tarot courses and masterclasses, professional Tarot readings and Tarot business coaching.

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    Publisher: Biddy Tarot | Online Tarot Readings and Tarot Card Meanings
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    Biddy Tarot is one of the most popular Tarot resources online attracting thousands of Tarot enthusiasts, professionals and experts every day. It has grown significantly since its inception in July 2001, and now attracts over 175,000 unique visitors per month, all seeking insight from the Tarot. Biddy Tarot provides advertisers the opportunity to access highly targeted visitors with an interest in Tarot and other spiritual pursuits, driving more traffic and sales to your business. Advertising opportunities can be purchased on these channels: Website ads – 175,000+ unique visitors a month Facebook sponsored updates – 8,000+ likes eNewsletter ads and sponsored news – 10,000+ subscribers Sponsored Blog posts For more details on how you can advertise with BiddyTarot.com and to get a detailed media kit – contact us at advertising@biddytarot.com. Please include details of the website, product or service you would like to advertise. Please note, having the right ‘fit’ for Biddy Tarot is incredibly important to me, so I cannot accept all requests for advertising. Please don’t take it personally – it’s important that I am very selective with what I promote in order to remain authentic and connected with my audience.
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