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BigData-Startups.com is the number 1 big data knowledge platform, which aims to become the central point of big data on the web. BigData-Startups.com a platform with trends, best practices, information, open source tools and big data startups for organisations developing a big data strategy.

The objective of the platform is to help organisations develop a big data strategy and to find the right big data technology vendor for that strategy. The platform attracts an important niche of consumers, job seekers, organisations and governments interested in big data. BigData-Startups developed the Big Data Strategy Model, which is is a valuable new tool in the ever-growing big data ecosystem, and one that helps organizations take the first steps towards their big data strategy.

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    Publisher: The number one big data knowledge platform
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    BigData-Startups.com is the fully dedicated, independent, platform around big data, attracting an important niche of consumers, job-seekers, organisations and governments interested in big data. If you want to reach the organisations that are interested in big data, BigData-Startups is the right place for your advertising needs. We offer you a lot of different options to reach a very interesting and growing target group. We can help you with your awareness campaign for a new product, your branding goals or to optimize your conversion. BigData-Startups.com is growing rapidly and we currently attract over 35.000 unique visitors per month. Most of our visitors are working in the big data field and/or at strategic levels within organisations, so we are the perfect place to reach your customer. Our visitors come from all over the world, but most of them are from the United States:
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