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Publisher: Big Red Kitchen | a regular gathering of distinguished guests
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    Publisher: Big Red Kitchen | a regular gathering of distinguished guests
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    ‘ll tell you who I am. I am one happy gal, who is living her dreams, that’s who. Other than working Big Red Kitchen full-time, I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, who trains big, bad, strong and strappin’ men, some who are agents, cops, firemen, athletes, and military. Then there is that gorgeous, sexy, sassy, and amazing sisterhood of strong women I train who push me daily to be and give my best. When one teaches, two learn. I have been a CrossFitter for over four years, challenging myself to overcome every single obstacle thrown my way, from rope climbing to running, and yes finally flipping that bloody 200 pound tire. Then after learning that 80% of my wellness and fitness came from diet and not from all the blood, sweat, and tears at the gym, I went Paleo, losing the final few pounds of my total 25 pound weight-loss. Although I am not perfect or some elitist about Paleo, I have observed how much better I feel and perform, not only at the gym, but in everything I do. Even through a recent shoulder injury, not from CrossFit, I find ways to push myself in order to achieve my fitness goals. Below is a photo of me finally back squatting again after finding a way to strap the bar to my back and stabilize my shoulder joint. Never Give Up! onearmsquat More details? I am a BSN RN by education, specializing in cardio-thoracic medicine and ICU. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, fitness, cooking, writing, eating, traveling, recipe development, reading, stand up paddleboarding and SUP racing. I am a Christian, wife, and mother. Here’s what I know… DSC01202-002 When I posted this photo on Facebook three years ago, it went viral, and when people wanted to know more, I posted a few tutorials on making Mason Jar Meals. Although this was seen in the media as a cutesy trend that would quickly pass, the virality of those posts told me that people are seeking order and balance in their lives. As many of us are drawn to clean lines, layers, and bright colors, I observed that people were primarily attracted to the design and packaging of these meals more so than the product inside, further proving to me that we do indeed eat first with our eyes. But then something changed. After the love affair with design came a desire for it’s contents. Individuals began putting these glassy meals into practice as they understood the need of having prepared meals handy to make busy nights stress-free, lunch boxes healthier, bring food budgets under control, as well as their meal portions. Keeping what I observed in mind, I intentionally designed meals that were easy to make, pack, and eat on the go or at home. It’s not about the jar, it’s about aesthetically designed meals that will make your life easier. Use your vessel of choice because with these meals, there is no canning, preserving, sterilizing, boiling, or putting up, just the twisting of a lid. If you are eager to live this ordered and balanced lifestyle, see for yourself how Mason Jar Meals can help you. How badly do you want it anyway? DSC07105 A lifestyle of deliciously designed, whole-food meals that can be prepared in short bursts of time always at your fingertips? I can get you there if you are willing and eager. Big Red Kitchen serves those who are busy, do not have time to cook, constantly wonder what’s for dinner, eat out way too often, allow too many un-healthy foods to pass their lips, and have a desire to change it, all of it, one meal at a time.
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