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Bikini Central
Publisher: Bikini Central - The World's Biggest Beach Party!
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    Publisher: Bikini Central - The World's Biggest Beach Party!
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    Fun in the sun has been part of America's pop culture for decades. From Frankie and Annette to Baywatch, every generation has had its own way of celebrating its love of dancing, playing and people watching on the beach. Whatever the reason, there's no doubt that the beach is as American as apple pie. Today, the world is having its day in the sun at Bikini Central, the World's Biggest Beach Party. Bikini Central is more than a website -- it's a lifestyle and an attitude. It's about summer, beach parties, vacations, Spring Break, fun music and beautiful people, all wrapped up in a hip, youthful and irreverent style. With millions of fans around the world, Bikini Central is a grassroots, international pop culture hit. Produced in a tasteful manner, Bikini Central is wholesome yet exciting enough to keep fans clicking in for more. With a tongue-in-cheek, retro look reminiscent of the old beach blanket bingo movies, Bikini Central is light-hearted, bright and full of All-American sex appeal. We are appropriate for all ages, and fun for everyone. Bikini Central is based in Miami Beach and is being developed into a major global, cross-platform entertainment lifestyle brand celebrating the beach lifestyle, fun in the sun and beautiful people. Advertise on Bikini Central Interested in reaching the fun and highly desirable Bikini.com audience? Advertise with us and let the World's Biggest Beach Party work for you! Bikini.com is the perfect opportunity for the companies that want to appeal to the lucrative 16-34 male and female demographic. Produced in a tasteful manner, Bikini.com is wholesome enough to please advertisers and retailers, yet exciting enough to keep millions of fans tuning in for more.
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