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Publisher: Online Tips for Bloggers and Internet users
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    Publisher: Online Tips for Bloggers and Internet users
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    Advertise with us Binary Head is one of the most read internet blogs in India and is also read globally, with over 1500 RSS Subscribers who read the content everyday. Blog generates close to 3,00,000 page-views a month (as on Oct-2009) and is a trusted authority in the blogosphere. It’s popularity is growing very rapidly. The blog provides you with the - Advance Computer tips. Internet & Online tips. Information about important freeware available. Updated technology news related to upcoming web2.0. Software Tips. iPhone Jailbreaking & Unlocking Tips on life productivity and much more… On an average 30 articles are published per month. The blog has been selected by elite blogburst and around 100 articles have been published on various news sites like – Reuters, Chicago Sun times, Computer Shopper, Ziff Davis Enterprise, IBS, Fox News, Coxohio.com. By Advertising on Binary Head you are giving your company or service the best possible attention in front of an audience that is internet savvy and knowledgeable. It is read by people of all ages who love to surf the net. With most of the readers in the 15-40 Age groups that is highly internet savvy, you are giving your service the best users you could possibly get. Advertising Options About Online Tips has a wide variety of options to satisfy all kinds of advertisers. Choose the one that you think is the best, and will give you maximum returns. Banner Ads We accept banner ads of the dimensions 125×125 (Square) and 728×60 (Leaderboard) and 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 120×600(Skyscraper), 160×600(Wide Skyscrapers). To check for the availability and buy a slot please contact me directly at aotips[at]gmail[dot]com. Here are the current prices. Please note that these can change from time to time. 125×125 (Square) : 25$ Per Month 728×60 (Leaderboard) : 75$ Per Month 300×250(Medium Rectangle) : 50$ Per Month 120×600(Skyscraper) : 75$ Per Month 160×600(Wide Skyscrapers) : 75$ Per Month Other options
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